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Parkin I.T Solutions Limited is incorporated by the Registrar Department of the Republic of Ghana, to develop and deploy I.T Services as Solutions to Small Businesses and Individuals in Ghana. Parkin I.T is being managed by talented and dynamic team, who are well vested in the field of Information Technology, these individuals work's as a team and strives to strategically deploy technological solution to give small businesses competitive advantage.


Parkin I.T Solutions aims at becoming a one stop Centre in proving Small Businesses with all their I.T needs at competitive prices.


  • To Design Purpose Driven Websites for individuals and small businesses at reasonable prices
  • To provide Innovative Web Marketing Solutions for small businesses to strategically give them competitive advantage
  •  To Develop Web Applications that will enhance workflow of businesses
  • Provide consultancy service to small businesses on how to effectively use I.T to reduce cost , increase efficiency and maximize profitability


Parkin I.T solutions mission is to revolutionize the deployment of web services by providing small businesses with tailored low cost websites and I.T solutions to strategically give them competitive advantage


Parkin I.T solutions envisage to become the most preferred alternative provider of technological facilities to small businesses in Ghana by giving them cost effective I.T solutions