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Hey Whatz Up! This is Faruk @ Parkin I.T Solutions...and today, I want talk to you guys about an App that claims it can change the color of your facebook profile page. This App actually loads malware into your computer or smart phone. More than 10,000 people around the world have downloaded the malware so far.....Facebook users who sees this fake app and click on it, are sent to a malicious website that asks them to watch a tutorial video on how to change the color of their facebook profile page. By agreeing to watch the video, users then give hackers access to their profiles, letting the app spam their friends. 

If the user doesn't watch the video, the app will lead PC user to download pornography video player and smart phone users to download an antivirus app, both are infected with malware.

If you have clicked on this app already, don't panic because it is pretty easy to get rid of......Just remove the color changer app from the facebook app settings page. Facebook users who have clicked on this app should change their passwords. 

I hope this is informing and I will like to thank you for reading!