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Parkin I.T solutions is here to take your burden of web/internet marketing. We are pleased to inform you that we have a one stop package that can cater for all your web/online marketing needs.

The following makes it possible for us to get the crowds out there for you

Social Media: We integrate all the social media available like facebook, tweeter, google+, linkin etc together, so you can make one single post which automatically gets posted to all your social media pages. This makes it easy to advertise and spread information faster and generates lots of crowds for your social media pages and will make your business popular among customers and potential ones.

Email Campaigns: We also configure a mailing system, which you can easily add targeted mail list and send campaigns about your products, services, courses and promotions. With this, you can win your customers loyalty and also gain new clients.

Analytics and Surveys: With this one, we set up a survey plugin into your website and your social media pages, where you can post surveys and use the analytics tools to determine who your audiences are and what their characteristics are: This helps you make quick and informed business decision easily.