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Imagine you being worried about the kind of medium to be used in sharing information, marketing your business, ranking high in search results of Search Engines like; google, bing, yahoo etc , concern about the amount of time you spend giving directions of your business location to clients on phone etc  and even more critically, about your budget as a small business.

A purpose driven website from Parkin I.T solutions will provide solutions to all these problems and beyond. Below are the features of the websites we design, that makes it possible to meet your needs.

  • Design that meets your target audience: We take detail requirements from our clients to determine who their target audiences are. We do not lose sight of this because, the truth of the matter is that, designing a website meant for adults using children design and styles will back fire.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is incorporated into our design to help your website rank high in search results of search engines such as; google, bing, yahoo etc
  • A Contact Form is core in the websites we design, this is to make it easy for your clients or people you engage, to contact you without you displaying your email address for possible spam
  • Google map is also incorporated into the design, to show the location of your business on your website, mostly on the “contact us” page. This is to allow you get time to work , instead of spending lots of time in giving directions to clients on where your business is located
  • Blog: A blog is also added to our designs to allow you write stories and other vital information about your business, that you want your audience to know. This is in-built into the website and also improves your ranking in search results of search engines.
  • Social Media: Buttons of social media websites like facebook, tweeter, google+ etc are also incorporated into the design to make it easy for your visitors to share your information on the various social media platforms and also fellow your pages on the various social media.